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Feb. 25th, 2007 | 11:34 pm
posted by: victoriassissyb in victoriastoybox

Mistress Vicrotira has instructed me to tape my bullet vibe to my penis while i was at work and gradualy work my way up the speeds, increasing it every half hour. i failed in making it up to the full speed of the bullet, as every time i tried i nearly came almost making a mess in my panties. when mistress heard this, she was right in punishing me for disobeying her. here is her punishment.
she intructed me to find a string of shoe lace and to tie off my balls and penis and turn on the bullet to full speed, but to not cum.
becasue of being tied off so tightly, i was unable to cum, but had to loosen it for fear of damage. here is a picture of my punishment.

you can see that the vibe is turned up all the way and that im tied off to prevent me from shooting my dirty semen.
she hasnt told me to turn off the vibe yet, and my only hope is that i dont have to sleep with it on, becasuse i dont think i can.
sissyb out:

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